Andrew Stevens started broadcasting back in 1993 even though he joined Hospital Radio Hillingdon in 1992 it took him nearly a year to get behind the mic.


Since joining Hospital Radio he attended many weekends away learning about the industry and meeting people both through the Roadshow and Fundraising events, this help 100% with his self-confidence and development from a teenager to adulthood.


In 2011 Andrew decided that it was time to move onto bigger and better things this is when he joined 91.8 Hayes Fm which is a Community focused local radio station broadcasting from Hayes, Greater West London.


Andrew also joined Tropical FMTV which is an interactive internet-based TV & Radio Station that provides across the board genre of music and entertainment that will appeal to everyone.


The one thing I would love to do is to get into the radio industry full time as this has always been my dream. Well since I started back in 1993 anyway.


Thank You and enjoy your listening experience.