Hi I’m Marc Ciccone and I present the Club Classics Show on your radio station, I have always had a passion for music since a very young age, I first started on a Community Radio Station voluntary back when I was 19 years old on the station called EBBA FM based in a gate house of a local hospital in Epsom in Surrey.

Things have changed singe then as we back then made back up of shows on VHS video cassettes and used 8tracks Cartridges, now I am really showing my age… lol

I have always been behind a microphone in some way or another as worked for a rail company in Croydon as a station platform announcer and then went onto work voluntary on various online internet radio stations and even ran my own for a while back in 2007.

I then joined voluntary 91.8 Hayes FM doing the show called Club Classics and the Lunch Show back in 2009 – 2011 and then took a break from radio until 2018 where I joined voluntary with Ridge Radio in Caterham and then Re-joined Hayes FM bring back the Club Classics Show and now on your station.

I love producing my Club Classics Show and I hope that you will love the show too as its fun, good music and lots of news and more all rolled into 3 hours, so forget everyday life and join the great music for 3 hours show.