Hi, this is Gary Jackson inviting you to join me on my music trip across the decades on this station, the Gary Jackson experience euphemistically called music from all sorts of decades and we’re trying not to kill anyone towards the end, when we do the Darwin awards, lots of features like a side besides they write songs and plenty of stuff to keep us interested. So please join me see the station website
for the showtimes.



Hi, I’m Gary Jackson and I can invite you on an all-expenses-paid trip to the dark side of the moon,
particularly if you like classic progressive rock because it’s two hours of that stuff. Not a lot of chat, but just music from albums that sold by the truckload, but I hardly ever heard anywhere these days on radio. So dark side of the moon is the name of the show



Hi, Gary Jackson here to invite you to join me going back to a decade with wide lapels, platform heels, and medallions. And that’s just the girls. Sounds of the 70s airs on this station with a sloppy bit of the middle news from that day in the 1970s and a chart entry to finish off with on that day from one of the 1970s years. Check the station website for showtimes. See the station website for the program times.